Julie’s new look reminds me of Cassadee Pope. She won The Voice (USA) last season. Both very pretty.

Are all these stories on Twitter true about how Elmo doesn’t allow Julie to go places kung hindi siya kasama? Or yung nag date daw yung dalawa or that Elmo gave Julie flowers… All that. Is it true?

Anonymous said: Hi, I do hope you finish your stories. Sayang eh. Thanks.

I’ll try! Thanks! 

Whoever made that “For JuliElmo Fans” picture, please stick with the language you know best. I couldn’t understand a lot of the things trying to be said. To those who keep reposting it, at least try to edit it before you repost it. It’s kind of hard to take seriously…

K. Thanks. Bye. :)

So about the video of Julie and Elmo listening to Daniel Padilla’s song…

That video was originally posted by Ms. Pia when they went to Cebu in August 2012. That was 8 months ago! So why is it coming up now?

It was a cute video of Julie and Elmo. For us JuliElmo fans the only thing we saw in that vid was how close Julie and Elmo were together and how cute they were in the video. It made us kilig.  

I re-watched the video and they weren’t saying anything bad about Daniel. I can even hear them saying that it’s his style of singing. And i also heard someone say it was very boy-band like. So i saw nothing wrong with Elmo and Julie listening to the song. 

About the laughing thing, Elmo just made a gesture that made Julie laugh. I saw nothing wrong and it was not their intention to make fun of Daniel. 

I like Daniel and Kathniel. They’re cute. 

So please, don’t fight and hate on each other. 

Stop turning something innocent to something more. 

Please put you’re attention on other things. 

Spread the Love. Peace. 

While We’re Young 4

Julie and Elmo went back to the party with everyone else after sharing their first kiss with each other. Elmo didn’t feel like partying anymore so he asked Julie if she wanted to go back to his place and to watch a movie. Julie agreed and are now at Elmo’s place.


“We have a huge collection of blu-rays, you can choose which movie…” Elmo told Julie.

“I don’t mind what we watch, as long as it isn’t horror I’m good. You pick the movie.” Julie answered.

“Darn! I was hoping we could watch a scary movie so, you know when you get scared you’d want to sit as close to me as possible and so I could keep you safe.” Elmo winked.

Julie just rolled her eyes. “I need to go to the restroom, I think I drank to much…”


“Yea, it’s just around the corner over there. I’ll set up the blu-ray player.”


Julie was walking down the hall trying to find the bathroom. She stopped all of a sudden when she saw a door open. She also heard the running of the faucet. She just stood still because Elmo was in the living room and his friends that lived with him were still at the party.

Oh my gah! What if someone was trying to rob Elmo’s place? Julie thought to herself. But why would they use the bathroom?

Julie just stood there as a pretty girl with long brown hair came out wearing nothing but a white button down shirt.

Julie just stood there. The girl hasn’t seen her yet but she will soon. The girl stretched her hands up above her head and yawned. Julie just pinned herself against the wall. It was pretty dark in the hallway since the light wasn’t on. Julie noticed the girl look towards the living room. She probably noticed that the light was on so the girl started walking towards the living room. She didn’t see Julie at all.

“Babe?” the girl called out.

Babe? Babe!? OMG! Is she Elmo’s girlfriend? Why the hell would Elmo kiss her like he did if he had a freaking girlfriend? Julie got angry at that thought. Then she stopped and thought maybe it was Zack or Dylan’s girlfriend. Yea, maybe she wasn’t Elmo’s girlfriend. She went to the bathroom and did her business.


Julie was walking back to the living room when she saw the unknown girl and Elmo hugging! OMG! She is his girlfriend! What a douche! Julie thought. She knew he seemed too good to be true. Julie was furious!

She stomped back to the living room so they could here her. They pulled apart from their hug. Julie was glaring at them both.

“Oh hey Julie! I was wondering what was taking you son long I was just…” Elmo began, but Julie didn’t let him finish.

“Screw you Elmo!” Julie yelled and stormed her way out the door.

“Julie wait!” Elmo tried to stop her. Julie just kept on walking.

“Julie hang on! What happened? Julie!”

Julie knew he was going after her. He grabbed her Elmo and turned her around.

“What happened? What’s wrong? Why did you just storm off like that and why are you so angry?” Elmo asked looking confused.

“Really Elmo? You should know! Ugh! Why are all guys assholes?” Julie yelled at him.

“What? I don’t…”

“Oh my god! Do you thing I’m stupid? I know I have no right to be this angry but you kissed me! You freaking kissed me when you have a freaking girlfriend!” Julie yelled.

“What are you…” but Julie didn’t let Elmo finish.

“That girl who was half dressed! Oh my god! I’m so stupid! You probably thought I was easy huh? Kissing on our first date! I’ve known you for like five freaking days and…”

Elmo grabbed Julie by her shoulders and kissed her. Julie was shocked he would do that but then it just made her angrier.

Julie pulled back. “What the hell Elmo!?”

“Julie, just calm down. Let me explain…”

“Oh no, no, no! You don’t need to explain Elmo I…”

Elmo pulled Julie in for another kiss. After he rested his forehead on her’s. “Julie, please just calm down and let me explain! Don’t cut me off when I’m trying to…” Julie began to cut Elmo off again but he put his hand over her mouth.

“She’s my cousin.” Elmo said really fast before Julie could cut him off again.

“What?” Julie asked confused.

“The girl that you saw at my place, is Jasmine and she’s my older cousin. Her and her boyfriend Sam are here on vacation. She stays there every time she comes to Hawaii. She has a key, that’s how she got in.”

“Oh.” That’s all Julie had to say.

Elmo smirked.

Julie scratched her head. “Well, um uh I’m uh sorry for uh jumping to uh conclusions. Oh my god this is embarrassing!” Julie hid her face in her hands. She couldn’t even look at Elmo right now.

Elmo removed her hands from her face and tilted her head up so she would look at him.

“It’s ok. I would probably freak if I saw a half dressed guy at your place too.” Elmo smirked at her again. He actually thought it was cute that Julie was jealous.

“I’m sorry. Can we go back in so I can apologize to her too? I don’t want her to think I’m a bitchy person.”

“Sure. I’ll properly introduce you to her but first…” Elmo took Julie’s head and brought her in for another soft sweet kiss.

“You’re so cute when you’re jealous.” Elmo chuckled.

“I uh what?” Julie was dumbfounded. She couldn’t believe Elmo thought she was jealous. She was so not jealous. Was she?

Elmo just pulled her arm and said “Let’s go back inside.”






 Sorry for not updating in live forever. I did say on Twitter that if I got to 600 followers I would update something. Well here it is. I didn’t have time to re-read and edit. Let me know what ya’ll think. <3

New Musical

The long wait is over kids. There is a new musical starring Julie and Elmo (Alden and Rita too). So I guess that is why they’ve been pairing Julie and Alden and Elmo and Rita, to build up to this musical. But in the end it looks like JuliElmo parin.

Anyways… According to DRG the play is loosely based on Cyrano de Bergerac. I looked that up and it’s a play about someone ugly believing no one will ever fall in love with him. DRG also tweeted something about falling I love with your best friend. So I’m guessing this is how the story will go, Elmo will probably be a nerd. Then Rita will be one of his nerd friends that likes him. Julie will be the pretty, popular girl and Alden will be the jock popular guy that likes Julie. Elmo and Julie are best friends since forever. Elmo loves Julie but is afraid to tell her because she is her best friend and he believes a beautiful girl like Julie will never fall for a guy like him. But in the end Elmo finds out that Julie loves Elmo too.

This so has fan fiction and wattpad written all over it. :P

Summer Love

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been updating. Sorry! I’ve been busy with school, work, and life in general. When I get a chance to write, I’ll update! 

Anyways, let’s go back to one of the FFs I wrote. As you know I wrote my own version of JOS. 

Here is the link: http://julielmo-perfecttwo.tumblr.com/JustOneSummer

Anyways, I love One Direction so a song that I thought went well this FF is Summer Love off their newest album, Take Me Home. 

Give the song a listen: Summer Love by One Direction 

Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

JuliElmo 2012

Hey guys! 2012 is coming to a close. I want to make a list of the best of JuliElmo for 2012. 


-Best Prod

-Best Fancam Moment

-Best Picture 

-Best Tweet

-Best Interview (TV or Print)

-Best Fan Fiction

-Best JuliElmo Moment (Can be anything)

I’ll tally up the answers after Christmas around Dec. 29th. 

You can TA, tweet (JuliElmo_Prfct2) or answer on this post. Thanks.


Please help spread the word! :)

What are your favorites of JuliElmo for 2012?

supermyjam said: hi ask ko lang po kung si Elmo po tlga ung bumili ng ring na un for japs??..ung tiffany ring?

Haha. No, that’s my ring. I just posted that kasi there was an issue that time na apparently when Elmo went to LA he bought a certain somebody a Tiffany necklace. So ano I just posted it saying mine is better. Hahaha. Sorry for the confusion. :)